100wc #27


       On a dark and stormy night at the lab they started a new experiment. To generate power they used kids to run on a tredmail. Although they ran quickly they weren't making enough progress to begin the experiment. "Progress I am tired" called one of the kids."Me too" yelled another one. The professor was extremely mad. Once he walked out of the room. The kids ran home and told their parents what the professor had been doing. Oddly enough their parents dragged them back as if they were the professors assistances.

100wc week#22

The Goldfish story
Today my greedy older sister got a goldfish , it had a brown spot on his back, she named him Finn. She didn't want me to play with him so she put Finn on top of the cupboard. I pondered around some ideas of how to get him down, Finally I thought up the perfect idea. I ran to the storage closet and grabbed out the ladder I slowly made sure my sister wasn't around. I climbed to the top of the ladder, hesitantly I picked up the bowl. The ladder fumbled below just as the bowl flew out of my hands. I sprinted away from the mess.

100wc Week#21


       I was strolling through the park when I saw some tree statues they looked like they were doing yoga. I spotted a sign and walked toward it, it said they were sacred trees doing their traditional dance as they prayed for peace. As I walked away they gave me this weird kind of vibe like they were watching me. The next day I brought my friend Siena, to see the statues. I showed her the sign and what it said. It read the same thing except at the bottom it said in loving memory of Haley Jack thats me thats my name. For the next few weeks of my life I was carefully doing everything that was on my bucket list.

100wc week#19

The Bug 
          Preparing a picnic in the kitchen for picnic for my sister and I, Suddenly, I heard a scream coming from the backyard. I rushed outside, my sister was curled up on the blanket. "What happened." I asked. " i-i-it came down the drainpipe."she whimpered. "What did." "That" I looked down and in surprise, I saw a huge cockroach, Suddenly it disappeared. "Where did it go." I asked.  "I don't know." she muttered. "There it is."  "Ahhh" she screamed "Don't touch it." "Why not" I wondered and as I brushed my fingers my along its back I knew I had made an mistake.

100wc week#17

My first concert

The music blasted through the speakers and into my ears, I couldn't believe I was at my first concert and it was my favorite band,"The Cycled Bike". My best friend Sarah had two tickets and offered one to me, I squealed at the sight of them. They started to play my favorite song "Snake". I sang along to every word. They finished "Snake" just as I peered up at the bright red clock, my curfew was almost up. Squeezing through the crowd to get to my bike. Peddling as fast as I could, worried I wouldn't make it home in time.

100wc week#14

Walking into my bland red office, I hear a sudden ding. I sat down in my chair and took a peek... My life was finally complete I got a offer to go to NYC to study designing. I replied as quick as a lightning bolt, YES YES YES it goes without saying. Two minutes later as I was booking my flight, I got another email appoligizing for sending it to the wrong person. I shoved my laptop off my desk. Sobbing as I stared at my shinny, now broken laptop.

100wc week#13

My Dream

The tiger was stretched out on a rock it's vibrant night sky black and bright blood orange stripes shimmering from the beaming yellow sun, it seemed as if he was trying to start a staring contest with me. I thought we probably should move on to the next animals. I didn't think he wanted us on his"territory". We were headed toward the arctic section but the tiger was blocking our escape... I woke up sweating like I never had before, realizing it was just a dream, I drifted off to sleep and the dream continued...